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Here at Gravity Health and Fitness, it’s not all about making you look good, its all about helping you feel fantastic too.

We will do our best to find out your likes and dislikes, and get a good idea of your fitness level to tailor a personal fitness plan specifically for you!

When you become a member, you can look forward to using our well equipped facility and a large varied class timetable in a friendly, fun, family atmosphere.

We are very happy to welcome you all back to Gravity Fitness

As we are keen to follow all Government guidelines regarding Coronavirus, we are slowly reintroducing our class timetable as follows.

Please respect these guidelines and the fact that we have to enforce them.

Class Timetable

Due to limited spaces, please book and pay for your Spin classes in advance. All other classes have no limit to spaces but still require a booking so we are aware of numbers and plan the sessions accordingly.

Please Note: We no longer offer refunds for cancelled bookings, instead we will transfer your booking to another available session. If you cancel within the 12 hours prior to the class then a transfer will not be possible.







Arms and Abs

This class is all about sculpting the arms and abs with targeted exercises for your upper body. We will also dive into the core to taper your torso and strengthen your core.

Body Pump

Brings the gym to the studio with this fantastic group training workout. Body Pump is the fastest way to shape up and lose body fat. Using a step, a bar and a set of weights, watch your body change and develop strength and confidence.

Body Step

Body Step is a simple, athletic and fun workout using a height adjustable platform to step up and down on. This is a great class for toning the lower body, increasing cardio fitness and coordination and building overall strength.

Boot Camp

Challenge yourself with this fast- paced, calorie-blasting workout. In this class you will use a variety of training techniques with bars, kettlebells, ladders, to push the whole body to your limit!


An energetic cardio workout using punch and knee strike combinations designed by Vi-Box! The best way to release tension and build fitness in a safe and fun environment!


No need for a babysitter, grab your little one, their buggy and lets go. This class will help you get back to fitness after having your little one, with exercises to focus on increasing our cardio, resistance, strength and balance. It’s a fantastic way to get fit outdoors and a chance to meet other mums.

Classes will be held outside or inside depending on the weather.

Circuit Training

A straight forward, full body workout, involving both cardiovascular and resistance exercises set to motivating music to get you ‘real results’. No fancy moves suitable for all levels from the super fit to the first time exerciser.


A Fun, easy-to-follow dance fitness class involving routines using rave glow sticks! All set  to club anthems from 90′s classics to the latest chart hits, taught in a darkened room with disco lights!


A fun and highly effective fat burning workout. Designed to shape and sculpt your body using a kettlebell. This class will increase stamina, strength and power. Suitable for all levels of fitness.


A sequence of controlled, effective core based exercises using technique that corrects imbalances of your body posture. It incorporates slow and measured movements in order to create lean and stronger muscles around your torso. A gentle but highly effective session for improving body posture, flexibility and preventing injury. 


A high energy fusion of Pilates, Yoga and body conditioning. Set to fun and energetic music, this workout will define and tone your body, without any jumping or impact!

Pump FX

Utilising barbells and weight plates,pump fx provides a progressive, complete-body workout. Traditional resistance training exercises such as squats, lunges, presses and rows take on another dimension through the use of functional, multi-plane movement.

Spin Express

Spin Express classes are specifically designed for the busy person who struggles to find the time to fit exercise into their work day. Classes are an interval training group class that spin to uplifting music which helps with motivation and encouragement.

Totally Shredded

Totally Shredded is one of the first HIIT and combat workouts that is inspired by Drum n Bass and Funky House Music. This class is based around fun and creating a workout that shreds inches from your body.

Yoga Balance

This form of yoga focuses on posture and breathing. Incorporating standing and seated poses which help promote muscle strength, flexibility, suppleness and relaxation.

Meet Our Instructors

Suzanne Meadon Suzanne Meaden Pilates, Body Step, Body Pump, Body Balance, Spin, PiYo, Clubbercise, Yoga Balance, Kettlebells, BuggyBlast, Power Step, APEX 3, Disco Yoga, Insanity Abz and freestyle classes

My love for health and fitness started way back when leotards and leg warmers were in fashion. 21 years of teaching classes, and I still have a passion for fitness, albeit minus the leotard.

Over the years I have taught all the new crazes, some have lasted and others have gone out with the leg warmers, but they have all helped me become the instructor I am today.

10 years ago I set up Gravity Fitness in Tewkesbury and now I'm excited to be expanding and opening up, The Fitness Studio in Bishops Cleeve.

Joanne Bonser Joanne Bonser Insanity Live, P90X Live, Pump FX, BodyStep, BodyCombat and Freestyle Step

I have been teaching group exercise classes since May 2015 although my passion for group fitness started a long time ago.

I believe fitness should be challenging but fun and of course be for everyone no matter if you are just starting your fitness journey or you are a professional class junkie.

Be prepared for classes full of energy, passion and fun, and you may also be a little bit surprised on what we can achieve together.


At Gravity Fitness, it’s all about you! your goals, your health, your fitness and your idea of fun. What do you get for your membership?

Gravity Fitness Gym Membership

Membership to Gym only at Gravity Fitness

No fixed contract and no joining fees!

£15 / month

Gravity Fitness Membership

Membership includes all classes* at Gravity Fitness and Stoke Orchard Community Centre

No fixed contract and no joining fees!

Unlimited* exercise classes from yoga and Pilates to Body Pump, there will be something to keep you interested and inspired.

*Subject to class availability.

£25 / month

Joint Fitness Studio and Gravity Fitness Membership

Membership includes all classes* at The Fitness Studio, Stoke Orchard Community Centre and Gravity Fitness, Tewkesbury.

No fixed contract and no joining fees!

Unlimited* exercise classes from yoga and Pilates to Body Pump, there will be something to keep you interested and inspired.

*Subject to class availability.

£35 or £40 / month depending on package

£2.50 pay as you go option for full Gravity Fitness Members

Online Personal Training

45 minute sessions

£15 / session for Members, £20 / session for Non-Members

30 Minute Classes

£4 / session

45-60 Minute Classes

£5 / session

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